Making Contacts

Thank you to everyone who purchased bagels during the May fundraiser for Be Aware and Share! I hope that you not only enjoyed your bagels, but found the organization to be a worthwhile one to support. So far over 400CHF has been raised and the effort is not finished yet. The final figure will be shared next month.

The month of May was devoted to making contacts with different service providers to start laying the foundation. Work on the corporate identity will commence in a few weeks, contact has been made with a lawyer to assist with the GmbH paperwork and conversations have been had with an accountant to make sure the business is on a solid financial foot.

June will see this work continue, the final step of the Wirtepatent effort (I passed the exam for Kanton Aargau – phew! And now must complete a supplemental exam for Basel-Stadt), and a public presence at the Chirsimarkt – complete with a new stripe-y market tent! Finally, there will be a research excursion to the States.

If any of you know of a kitchen (Backstube) for rent, I would love to hear from you! Bonus bagels for one in post code 4052 or Dreispitz. As well, if you frequent a café that you think would be better with bagels, I would love to hear from you. In late July/August, I will begin pounding the pavements to grow the business sale side of the business.

However, it won’t be my first business customer. If you find yourself in need of a bagel in between baking dates, do pay a visit to The Magical Café on Max Kämpf Platz 2! Not only will you find a welcoming, very child-friendly atmosphere, there are bagels, too!

If you need more information or have ideas, I’d love to hear from you.

Thank you for your support!

Originally published June 5, 2017

Chirsimarkt 2017

Chirsimarkt 2017



Vicki Kirn