Bagel Price Increase Announcement

Sept. 17, 2018


Dear Friends 

Arbuckles specializes in bringing the bagel back home – whether you’re used to it as a breakfast staple from back home or you want to recapture the flavors of a favorite vacation to New York. We’ve got you covered.

We offers bagels rolled by hand made with local ingredients that are always baked fresh the day they’re sold (after the dough has had time to rest over night, enjoyed a dip in boiling water and been dipped in your favorite toppings).

The price of the bagel has remained steady at 2.50 SFr. since sales started in May 2015. In fact, for people who enjoy a Baker’s Dozen the price has gone down to 2.31 SFr.

Since then, the business has also been incorporated at a GmbH, a professional kitchen has been rented and a vision is in place to move from bagel baking twice/month to more regular opportunities to buy bagels, and eventually enjoy a seat at a café while supporting immigrant women as they get their feet under them in a new country. On top of that the hard work of accounting for ingredient costs and production-time costs has been done and revealed a margin of only a few Rappen per bagel (when they’re not actually being sold at a loss).

Before we get to the new prices, remember: you have options! I’ve discovered that will ship you a box of twelve hand-rolled bagels for approximately $269 or 260SFr.*

If you want to continue to buy your bagels locally, the new prices as of October 1, 2018 are:

Full-sized Bagels      Dozen – 36 SFr.         Single bagel – 3.15 SFr.

Mini Bagels                Dozen – 24 SFr.         Single bagel – 2.15 SFr. 

Bakers Dozens will still be joyfully offered to any orders of full-sized bagels that are picked up by the customer.

 I get it – there’s been a lot of change in the last weeks. New kitchen location. New prices. These changes will make it possible for Arbuckles to continue serving you, your family and friends high-quality, freshly-baked, hand-rolled bagels made with local ingredients and lots of love.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to be in touch.

 Herzliche Grüsse, 


*(This is based on $42 per dozen plus FedEx shipping from New York to Basel – sadly, if we order on Monday, the earliest our bagels will arrive is Wednesday. L)

Vicki KirnComment