The Kitchen That Almost Was

I was so excited.

Friends, I thought the kitchen question was finally answered. And then, after hours of phone calls (thanks Christoph for talking to two city offices, electricians and a Sanitär), and just moments to spare before it was too late, I called the whole thing off. There was simply too much risk of being shut-down due to cut-corners on the part of the landlord. Sigh. Back to the drawing board. 

On the bright side, it has led to discussions with a variety of people who I otherwise would not have met - and that has been a pleasure! If you need exquisite, made-to-order cookies in your future, Barbara at Kekserei is just the right person. The hunt continues and I remain as grateful as ever for any recommendations or tips you might have.

Many of you have been involved with testing. Cinnamon-rolls! Pumpernickel bagels! And perhaps you're wondering if your tasting and reporting exercise was for nought. The answer is, 'Of course not!' That said, I have been very surprised at how much time good product development takes. The note taking! The stacks of food around waiting to be eaten! The waiting for ingredients to arrive! Like so many aspects of business, it's harder than it looks. But don't despair - both of these items are coming and your input will have made them even better.