Lots & Lots of Bagels

Making bagels can be a tad quiet now and then - the hum of the mixer and the chatter on the radio notwithstanding, it's usually just me, myself and I in the kitchen. That's one of the reasons I love seeing all of you during pick-ups and markets - and March was great for that!

On the 15th of March, the inaugural ISB (International School Basel) delivery took place in Aesch! Big thanks to Jill P. who helped get it organized and welcomed people in the parking lot with me. With the permission of the school, this will continue to take place on a monthly basis during the academic year. If you are an ISB parent and would like to pick up your bagels there, please see the order date above.

I also saw lots of old friends and new friends at the Bärlauch Markt on March 17th. It's always a treat to be at the Mattheaus Markt and this time was no exception (it's also usually unseasonably cold - again, no exception this time). Enthusiasm for good bagels seems to be growing and I was sold out well before the event ended - I'll plan differently next time. 

The final pick-up in March, on March 24th, was an incredibly big baking day! Well over 200 bagels were ordered and collected - this stretched my (refrigerator) capacity beyond its limits. Thank you to those who were willing to come a day earlier. If this trend continues, you can expect to see more baking days added to the calendar.

People who collected their bagels on March 24th, may have noticed a change in the bagel bags. Arbuckles is moving away from plastic to paper bags! The new bags are made from a high percentage of recycled paper and, for the bread bags, biodegradable plastic. If you also need environmentally-friendly packaging materials, check out the selection at https://handelgruen.ch (located in Dreispitz, it's easy to go and see the enormous variety in person!).

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