Mini-Bagels - So Adorable!

Somedays it seems like a lot of this whole business adventure is figuring out what not to do, instead of what to do. Bread, for example - you remember that it become clear that was not economically feasible or physically practical with the current kitchen set-up. The other non-bagel products I have in mind - cinnamon rolls (yum!), English Muffins (please get me a decent one!!) - are (temporarily) meeting the same fate as the bread. And this makes me sad. And a little worried - am I missing the perfect business opportunity!? Questions to make yourself crazy with....

But that doesn't mean new things aren't happening - as evidenced by the new size of bagels mentioned above. The very same size, in fact, that you can enjoy at the Fischerstube Boulevard on Rheingasse! Have you been? Remember: Send me a photo of you and your bagels there and get a discount on your next order.

The big experiment in June was a delivery of the Bagel Lunch Bag. These included a BIG bagel sandwich (a bagel 15 - 25% larger than the regular-sized bagel), an individual serving of salad (in a container made fully of plants!) and a large cookie to round things out. While wrapping things up, I was reminded of being a kid and wondering what the other children had in their lunch bags and then being curious to see what I had in my own.  It was exciting to have the opportunity to deliver these and they hold great potential not just for a good lunch, but one that's fun to eat.  More coming soon, however if you and your work colleagues, or other group of people, would like to be testers, I'd like to hear from you. You can send me a mail here.

I wish you all a restful summer, time to enjoy your friends and the weather, and many delicious meals outside.

Vicki KirnComment