New Kitchen, 15 Minutes of Fame

The new kitchen has now been put through its paces, particularly with a large baking weekend at the end of September, and I am happy to report that it is really going to work well for Arbuckles! What a relief. Not only is the refrigerator really that good, the two ovens mean I won't need to get up quite as early on the baking days. BIG plus! Thanks to the customers who picked up there in September and helped me discover which doors are open and which ones aren't. There are an awful lot of doors...but we're getting it figured out.

In addition to the move, I also had the chance to become famous. Ok, maybe not famous, but I did have great fun joining Suzy and Don for their SwissPats podcast. Did you miss it? Head over to their website to hear all about how I somewhat accidentally ended up in the bagel business. Suzy and Don also joined me in the test kitchen to try their hands at forming bagels. Video coming soon!

Finally, more work took place on the Bagel Lunch Bags in the test kitchen. This is a development that I'm really excited about and I hope you will be, too. You and your work team deserve something special for lunch and the Bagel Lunch Bags or Bagel Lunch Buffet aims to deliver just that - delicious bagel sandwiches, fresh salads made from local, seasonal ingredients and a tasty dessert. Everything is packed with lots of care in environmentally-friendly packaging, so you can feel good about lunch from the beginning to the end! Would you like to receive more info? Please be in touch! More information will also be shared on Instagram and Facebook in the coming weeks, so please join our community there, too.

Vicki KirnComment