Catering Comes to Arbuckles

In a former life, I was a Project Manager. You would think that would have left me well-equipped to stay on top of many different tasks happening simultaneously. And sometimes it does. And sometimes...well, sometimes less so. My go-to excuse at the moment is 'toddler brain' because - really - staying on top of a lot of different things and knowing what a 2-year-old is up to, is a lot of work. For that reason, I've am particularly grateful for those of you who help nudge things along, smooth out wrinkles or graciously forgive when something goes haywire - as it did with Nov. 24 bake. (My promise to myself to never cry over bagels again was sorely tested that day.) 

Said disaster means that those of you who missed the chance to try granola from kuchenkiosk will have another chance! The new date isn't sorted out yet, and will likely be in 2019 due to market craziness, but it will be scheduled and I'll keep you posted! Thank you, Sarah, for being so supportive and giving us all a second chance to try your granola!

A big shout-out also goes to Tracy from Hallo Foto! Tracy's calm & cheerful presence has been a driving force behind getting the new catering offers from Arbuckles off the ground. The fact that they're not very high off the ground yet has everything to do with me. The fact that there are wonderful photos and flyers is all Tracy. 

I hope that you are also surrounded by people carry you forward and cheer you on and that you have time to raise a glass to them this holiday season. 

Wishing you and your loved ones great fun this month and a "Gute Rutsch" in 2019.

Vicki KirnComment