Holes That Can't Be Filled By Bagels

The bagel wheel of life does not always roll smoothly, my friends. Last month's exciting possibilities of a well-known cafe in Basel and a super cool food delivery service based out of Zurich did not pan out as hoped. While nothing has been lost in the pursuit - and, in fact, nice relationships have been forged and important learnings have been gleaned - it's still a tiny frustrating. Oh, and that new project beer lovers may be interested in? No progress on that front either. Sigh. 

But I was reminded of what a first-rate, classy bunch of customers you are when I needed to close unexpectedly in the 3rd week of March. You, my friends, were so full of understanding and patience (even the person who had sent beautiful invitations for a bagel brunch that had to be cancelled!) that it makes me teary. The new hole in my life will not be filled, but I am encouraged by his example to go forth bravely, filled with curiosity and joy.

May I suggest you hug your loved ones and do the same.  

Vicki KirnComment