Where've You Been?

Wait a minute, we haven't seen a blog update since December!? Is she still building a bagel business? Yes! But, you know, life and business and family get in the way sometimes of writing an update.

My suspicion is that the weather has really been not improving business of late. Hopefully, all of that snow in the mountains, has had you packing up your skis and hitting the slopes instead of staying home and enjoying bagels. Which is to say that the year has gotten off to quite a slow start. Very. Slow. Start.

This is a reminder to me that a successful business will require multiple legs to stand on - private sales (my favorite!), corporate sales, catering, interesting and sensible collaborations (see above) and new products. Happily there are things happening on most of these fronts but only time will tell if they bear fruit.

Nevertheless, it is exciting! Bagel samples were delivered to a well-known cafe in Basel last week and are presently winging their way to Zurich. Additionally, product testing is about to commence for a new bagel variety that I believe may be especially loved by beer drinkers - stay tuned! (Also, if you are a beer drinker and are interested in testing, please drop me a line.)

Vicki KirnComment