Bringing German-Engineering to Bagel Production

Do you ever find yourself surprised by the path your life has taken? I'm sure that some people have been really intentional in where they end up and what they do, but I hope I'm not the only one who has largely followed the opportunities that came up and now finds myself with a bagel business. Actually, I do hope that I'm the only one with a bagel business (in Basel anyway), but you know what I mean....

Continuing to prepare for bigger and bigger bake days, I invested in a new mixer from Häussler - super solid German engineering from the south of Germany. When you pick up your bagels at the Aktienmühle, have a look! If I do say so myself, it's very pretty. While this brings my personal/business mixer count up to four, this machine gives me the option of doing larger and smaller batches all in one place. I'm excited! (And still figuring it out.)

It turns out my fear of losing all of my customers after the price increase were ungrounded.  What a relief! In fact, October was a HUGE month for bagel production with nearly 700 bagels leaving the kitchen - wow! Thank you for your considered trust and support in Arbuckles!

I look forward to seeing many of you in the coming month and wish you and yours a very rewarding month.

Vicki KirnComment