Yeah For New Beginnings!

I wanted to begin this post with an inspirational quote about not giving up and so I googled, "quote about just about giving up and then things turning around." Google let me down, so no quote. But you, dear Bagel eater, get the drift. The first quarter of this year was tough and the second quarter was even tougher. I won't deny it - chucking the whole thing seemed like a pretty appealing option.

Thank goodness I'm lazy and couldn't figure out how to close it. And, more importantly, I didn't want to let down those among you who have been so loyal over the years. 

And then, sort of magically, things began to turn around. A sales call actually paid off - Yeah for L'Atelier! Seeds planted for various events began to sprout. Conversations shifted from 'that might be fun' to 'let's do it.' Which of these things will actually bear fruit remains to be seen. However the boost in energy has been undeniable and I'm ready to charge into the summer. The universe really does have some magic in it.

I hope that you are also experiencing magic in your lives and that we'll see each other at one of the fun events where Arbuckles is participating in the coming months.

Vicki KirnComment