And we're off to the (pony) races!

My goodness, May was a busy month! But what fun!

Schmears were introduced to the catering mix at events with the Professional Women's Group and The Wine Guru. Catering (including a salad with roasted radishes!! what a revelation!) was delivered to a number of corporate clients. The Arbuckles sign was hung out at a number of markets. Ponies were discovered. And over 800 bagels were hand-rolled.

Friends, I am no stranger to hard work, but I have to admit I was out of practice for so much in such a short time. Nevertheless, it all worked out and, to have a flourishing business, I know that needs to be the lower end of a new normal. For that reason, one of the primary activities of June will be the acquisition of new business customers. If there is a cafe in your neighborhood, which you believe would be a good fit for Arbuckles, I'd love it if you drop me a line. Or, if you are ready for a change in your corporate lunch catering, I have exciting new flavours ready for your call.

Often I feel like Arbuckles is my second toddler - and since my husband has his own young business, we're actually up to three toddlers in the household. Cue the scary face emoji. While we're all familiar with how children throw tantrums, observing (and surviving) how businesses throw tantrums has been eye-opening. Dashed hopes. Exciting opportunities. Crushed spirits. Wonderful new people. Just like with small children, the space of time between the highest highs and the lowest lows can be staggeringly short. And, just like with small children, we attempt to be soothing when there's an upset, celebrate the achievements and, if it's all just too much, go to bed early.

Looking forward to making it through toddlerhood and experiencing the next phases with your support and company.

With appreciation,

Vicki KirnComment