From ponies to unicorns --- where will it stop?!

And I thought the month of May was busy!

June was a wild ride and so. much. fun. ArtBasel-related events brought new orders, which really made me feel like I had arrived! 'Cold calls' - ok, unsolicited messages from me to people on Facebook - were met with enthusiasm and resulted in lovely new contacts with the Brooklyn Brewery and company; the generous people running Creative Mornings Basel and the other businesses supporting their venture; and the team at Boutique Theater Basel. Additionally, the Chirsimarkt was a great chance to see existing customers and meet new ones. Same for the Swiss International School Summer Fest in Erlenmatt! All in all, a really great month!

In between all of those long (and occasionally really hot) bagel making sessions, there was also time for experimentation. You may remember the pony bagels from a few months ago - the 1/2 cinnamon, 1/2 plain swirl bagels. Well, thanks to the curiosity of a long-standing customer and the generosity of Barbara at the Kekserei, who let us use her food colors, we took it up a notch and tried the full-blown rainbow/unicorn/Gute Laune bagels. See below for pictures. What fun it was to finally have children come to the Arbuckles table with big eyes full of wonder and delight - a state usually reserved for the cupcake tables.... Once the technique has been polished a bit, these bagels will be available for special order and can be customized to your favourite colors. Stay tuned for more details.

Wishing you a colourful and fun-filled summer!

Vicki KirnComment